Breadcrum is a bookmaking service for collecting your links and articles with media super powers. Podcast anything.

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🔖 Bookmark everything

It all starts with a bookmark. Collect all of the good links and never loose track of something on the web again. For every action you take on Breadcrum, it starts by saving a bookmark that is available on every device and in every browser.

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💿 Podcast anything

Finally listen (or watch) that lecture you never have time for at your own pace. Consuming long form media is a solved problem, and the solution is podcasts. If you see video or audio on the web, Breadcrum can forward it for your favorite podcast app that subscribes to your private Breadcrum podcast feed. Seriously, (almost) any media that yt-dlp supports will work. Assert your (user-)agency and consume media in the podcast client of your choice!

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🗄️ Readability Archive

Privately archive a minimal full-text content (aka article or reader mode) extraction of every article you bookmark. Contents are indexed and full text searchable along side your bookmark notes and tags. Quit fumbling your hand written note, and just clip out the full contents of the article sent to your browser.

🏷️ Tags

Tag it up like its 2005! Organize bookmarks by tags.

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🗒️ Notes

Leave yourself a note, or not. Freeform text field for writing whatever you want. Poems, ideas, who sent the link, excerpts. Whatever you want!

🫙 Public archives

The web is not permanent, but public archives are. If you don't want to lose track of dead links, you can save related archival links on your bookmarks.

⭐️ Stars

Special links deserve special recognition. Frequently accessed or high quality links can be easily designated by giving them a gold star.

🔵 Read it later

Bookmarking a long article you don't have time to read? Mark it as "read it later" so you can quickly find it again when you have time.

🤫 Sensitive mode

Some bookmarks (and their notes) are more private than others. Designate extra private bookmarks as "sensitive", and easily toggle their visibility on or off with a single click of a button.

🐈 Open source

Breadcrum is developed and sold as a service, but the software is developed as open source. This provides increased transparency into how it works and the opportunity to submit ideas and changes directly to the service.

💵 Affordable
(Coming soon)

Affordable pricing that supports open source, independent software development. Pricing will be $20-$50/year. Database data is never deleted.

🔎 Full text search

Find your old bookmarks, archives and episodes by phrase or word.

📡 Multiple feeds
(Coming soon)

Organize video and audio episodes into separate podcast feeds. Create a themed media collage. Create a personal podcast feed for a friend or family member. Subscribe to different feeds on different devices.

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☁️ Cloud storage
(Coming soon)

Remux audio and video formats into affordable cloud storage sold at cost. Upload un-hosted files into your private podcast feeds. Save indefinitely or set expiration dates to auto-delete after your podcast app has downloaded a copy.

✒️ Markdown notes
(Coming soon)

Rich formatting of bookmark notes with markdown.

🖨️ Print queue
(Coming soon)

Articles piling up in your read it later queue? Queue up articles in a consistent visual layout and print them all out as a single document.

💌 Send to
(Coming soon)

Send extracted articles to devices like Kindle or ReMarkable, or just email them to a friend.

📠 Import/Export
(Coming soon)

Import your data from your browser or other bookmarking sites, or export what you collected on Breadcrum.