🖨️ Improved Printing

This is just a small update to note that printing now has an improve print style.

The details

Here are a few things that happens to the page styles when you print documents:

  • The light gray color accents are darkened up a bit. The lighter grays look nice on screens, but they often print badly when run through PDFs and printers.
  • Your username is hidden. This makes prints psudo-anonymous. Note that the UUID of whatever you is still shown, however your account is the only one that can access it.
  • The search bar is hidden. Can’t search on a printed page, so why print it?

Other random fixes

The search bar in macOS Safari now has a close button that has a visible color in dark mode.

clearable search screenshot

A number of these improves have also been upstreamed into the base stylesheet for breadcrum:

It’s open source and can be used on any HTML page that need a quick styling.

Until next time!