📑 Bookmarklets

Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmark bar or menu. When you visit a page you want to bookmark, click the the bookmarklet in your bookmark bar or menu and it will open a new bookmark window. Existing URLs will open an edit window.

🥖 bookmark Version 1.0.10

Apple Shortcut

This apple shortcut will let you save safari web pages to breadcrum from the share sheet. Eventually this will be provided by a native app.

Bookmark Add Page API

The bookmarklet simply opens the Bookmark Add page with a few query params populated by client side metadata extraction. This page supports client provided metadata, or an option to request server side extracted metadata. Here are the relavant query params you can use on this page:


https://breadcrum.net/bookmarks/add/?url=https://example.com&title=Example Title

A title is required if meta is set to false.